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Current "Faith Talks"

Dear Parent, 

Let me start by expressing my gratitude for God’s grace in my life realized in all of you. It has been a pleasure to be able to teach your youth and to join with families in discipling their young people. With that said, in an effort to better serve you and your teen, I would like to experiment with incorporating what will be called ‘Faith Talks’. Basically, this is a once a week (or more, if you prefer) commitment where you will take time to try to engage your youth with some of the things they have learned in youth group. Ideally this would be an informal time where you simply converse with your youth about the truths they have been gleaning from God’s word. The advantages to this are plentiful, but I think at least three deserve mention here. 

First, this will challenge the youth in their thinking about their faith during the week. Many times, once Sunday is over, that ‘Jesus stuff’ can be pushed to the side until the following Sunday. Second, this will push the youth to pay better attention in youth group as well as follow through more faithfully with the Bible reading we ask that they do during the week. Third, this will inform you as to what your child is learning, as well as equip you to carry on conversation with your child about what they are learning. It can often be difficult to find the time to have these sorts of talks. Then once you find the time, where do you start? This is where I hope to be a great help for you. 

Once a week, I will be sending out a recap of our most recent lesson, along with any central truths, challenges, or questions I have posed to the youth on Sunday evening. These weekly Faith Talk Newsletters can serve as a guide for your discussion time with your youth or simply a springboard for further discussion you wish to have with your teen. I don’t intend these to be a curriculum your youth must cover every week, I simply want them to be a help and a way I can come alongside families in a better, more intentional way. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or Tiffany. Again, we count it a great privilege to be key faith influencers in your teen’s life, so if there is anyway we can help you, please let us know. 

Grace and Peace, 

Josh and Tiffany Raley

Weekly Faith Talk

FT 1 Cor 13

What's Love Got to do With it? 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Read: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

This week was a little bit of a different youth group. While we did spend some time making observations about the text, we mostly spent time in application. The first thing we did was compile a list of values that Christian love must possess and come up with a definition. I was quite impressed with the definition the youth came up with! Here is a smoothed out version of that definition: "Love is a constant selfless choice that leads to beneficial actions towards other accompanied with affection and zeal for God. Love is craved by all and is a gift from God." Pretty good, huh?

       With a definition of love worked out, the next question is "How is our love?" Are we doing that? Is that what characterizes our lives? Sure there are times we are pretty loving, but is it the common thread of our life? Typically, no. What is our hope? First, what is our hope of being found pleasing to God since we fall so short? Second, what is our hope of being able to love others and God like this? The answer to both questions is Christ! Only in him are we made acceptable to God and only empowered by Him can we love in this way!

       On the basis of God's grace towards us, we next asked the question of what we need to change in our lives if this love is to be displayed through us to those around us. A text like this must be internalized in some way. I encourage you to spend time with your youth this week discussing this kind of love.

Ask: Use these questions to facilitate discussion with your teen.

  • How is Christian love different from the way we typically throw the word around?

  • How does your love match up with the characteristics of love found in 1

    Corinthians 13:4-7?

  • At the risk of sounding legalistic, what are some thing you need to stop doing and

    some things you need to start doing if you are going to love your friends, family, and God well?

    Pray: Take a few minutes and pray with and for your teen.

  • Pray that our lives would be marked by love for God and one another.

  • Praise God that he has loved us and has made it possible for us to love others.

  • Pray that this passage this week would find itself rooted deeply in our lives, and

    that it would change our lives.